Weekly Review Roundup: Poetics Abound

I don’t have any creative introduction to this week’s review roundup for you… I’ll leave that to Dame Demi, who wrote a sonnet for the Hitachi in our forum this week.

Hitachi Sonnet

Hitachi Magic Wand, I sing thy praise!
For thou hast given me so much delight!
Alone…with other toys…in many ways
You’ve brought me pleasure in the dark of night!
Thou might be hard to clean, and make much noise,
And some would grouse thou only hast two speeds,
But oh! You out-perform a room of boys
With your delightful, most orgasmic deeds!
Your soft and thrumming head I do adore,
That leathery, bendy, vibing tennis ball!
It always leave me wanting more and more!
You have attachments, and I want them all!
Hitachi, I must give you, if you please,
Five stars, five vrooms, and just as many bees.


On that note-

1. I didn’t think it could be done, but kinkyshay‘s review of the Hitachi actually gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for this toy (as did the lovely poem above).

2. Another reminder of the classics, Raising the Stakes explains exactly why a simple cock ring is still worth it.

3. Just in case any of you didn’t see this review yet- Bulma‘s tragic, yet hilarious, experience with yet another sensation gel strengthened my belief that those lubes/gels/whathaveyou have no place in my house.

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3 Responses to Weekly Review Roundup: Poetics Abound

  1. Bulma says:

    Oh yes, the Hitachi :) Dame Demi’s sonnet is pretty great, very creative! I do love my Hitachi, as do most people who have ever used one.

    Thanks for the mention. The climax nipple gel really was horrid, at least maybe a few people were able to avoid it, and get a laugh out of the review at the same time :)

  2. Betty Rocket says:

    I wants a Hitachi…..why do I not have one? I have every freaking thing else in the world…..

  3. cockwrangler says:

    Betty- yeah, you’re behind the times. :)
    When I had my first sex toy job at a store, the owner sent me home with one on my second day (she said it was a staple).

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