How to request a Student Assignment (Mentor Program)

Question: Hi! I am a Mentor, and I want to request an assignment for my Student. How do I do this?

Answer: You send me your request!

  • Step 02: Look for an appropriate item to request for your student, that is available, and is $30 or less in cost.
  • Step 03: Find the product code for the item (or items) that you want to request. It may be better to pick out a few alternative items just in case your first choice cannot be assigned.
  • Step 04: Send an email to me (Gary) at that contains your students name, and the product code(s) for the assignment.
  • Step 05: Wait for your confirmation. After I receive your email, I will create the assignment and then reply to let you know that the assignment has been created. If there are any problems creating the assignment, I will also email you back to discuss the problem.
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