Freedom by Airen Wolf

It started innocently enough, just an internet friendship. It was handled with care to protect the lives of everyone involved but it soon became obvious that it wasn’t enough; they had to meet face to face.
The day dawned warm and bright. It was a good sign. The plane touched down without trouble and and he gathered his baggage happily imagining what she would really be like without the moniteor to hide behind. As he walked down the causeway he looked anxiously at every woman who had dark hair and was around five foot tall. He couldn’t help wondering “Is that her? Is THAT her?” Until he saw a woman who burned into his mind as perfect. Suddenly, he was afraid, what if this wasn’t her? This woman was amazing looking, even though she fell far short of his ideal height, she seemed to walk in a nimbus of light…well ok she wasn’t an angel but damn she was HAWT!
She was so nervous she knew she must have the goofiest smile on her face. For her part she knew him the moment she saw him. There was no doubt he was who she was here to meet! He was tall, seemed to fill the room making it seem as though only the three of them existed in the whole airport terminal. He was everything she found attractive in a man; he was tall, well built, blonde and blue eyed. He was young, fresh and so very shy…it was endearing and she wanted to scoop him up and make him feel safe.
This guy was just what he was looking for and watching his wife practically trip over her tongue was amazing! This new guy was so young though, and so innocent. The innocence was intriguing, exciting and scary as hell.
The affair was one to remember, exciting, exhiliarating and frustrating. Each wanted the whole family to be together but there seemed to be stumbling block after stumbling block. Then there was a ruling in her country that changed everything: It would now be possible for a person to sign over their freedom willingly in a binding contract! As long as an unimpeachable witness swore, and affirmed that the contract was signed willingly and without obvious coercion any person could become mere property. Our boy was struck dumb, he wanted this more than he had ever wanted anything. Even the birth of his son couldn’t shake this desire, this NEED.
I knew the whole story though; I could never give him what he wanted without help. I worked for a lab that was working on some not so legal research. That was where I had the recombinant DNA work done. Stem cell research that no one had ever foreseen, it unlocked dormant abilities that I knew would be able to allow me to be what my guy wanted and needed. I would be able to feed my new metabolism and he would get to live out his wildest, unattainable fantasy.
The problem would be getting him to our Country where he could sign away his freedom and agree to the research. His Country was closing the border to ours to prevent it’s citizens from willingly placing themselves into slavery!
We planned a lovely summer vacation, I would take my son to visit his father and after a month or two my daughters and husband would join us. It was perfect and I began feeding him the activation enzyme almost immediately.
He didn’t notice anything at first just that the sex was amazing, exhilarating, and tiring. He wasn’t getting much sleep as his son was still adjusting to a new home and new surroundings. So the constant fatigue didn’t alarm him, after all he was working and supposed to be tired, wasn’t he? The time came for the rest of the family to arrive and he waited for them with mixed feelings. They would soon leave him alone again in his small apartment that seemed so big and empty when they left.
The sex was amazing, as always, when we could all be together and as we lay recovering he felt no need to rush off to the shower. It felt good to have the scents of his lovers on his skin…his lovers…it felt good to think that. He lay savoring the feeling of belonging and suddenly tears filled his eyes. I saw and as always guessed the reason for the excess of emotion, “We’re leaving tomorrow.” I let the soft sentence sit in the air, unwanted and unwelcome.
“There is a way, you know,” my husband said it softly and hesitantly, “You would have to step up your plan though, I can’t miss work.” I sighed and said, “We’ve discussed it but never seriously and we don’t have access to a submission judge. He isn’t subject to our laws, and his country could object.” “All we need is a box that won’t raise suspicion when crossing the border…or if it works well a suitcase with air holes.” The look on my husband’s face was pensive and my life partner watched us with wide, questioning eyes.
I touched his face and kissed him deeply extending my influence over him but not clouding his mind. As his cock sprang to life I slowly mounted him savoring the first rush of penetration. As he filled me I began to speak the words that would bind him to me. He listened with wide eyes believing it was an elaborate role play. I asked him if he agreed to the terms and he hesitated, just slightly, but then smiled and nodded.
“Do it,” was all my husband said and I opened the link established between my lover and I. I began to draw his energy into my body and I watched as his eyes became soft and dreamy, his hips thrusting slowly as I drained him of his vitality. This time I allowed the transformation to happen and as I did I began to fluoresce and the glow made his eyes widen. I reminded him that he had agreed to this and he nodded dreamily. When I noticed his eyes dimming and his heart slowing I allowed him to see the needle sharp fangs that had taken the place of my eye teeth. He had so little energy left that he couldn’t feel anxious or alarmed. He watched as I approached his neck. “You will be changed forever, man, but you will be able to live out your greatest fantasies. It hurts but it doesn’t…” My husband’s voice trailed off as I sank my short fangs into our lover’s neck just below the throbbing pulse point and my husband held him immobile with a strength that penetrated the haze of pain. I fed his energy back to him changed, it burned through his body like electricity.
The next morning he woke feeling raw, his nose burned with every breath. He groaned softly and coughed experimentally. It was official he was getting sick. “You have no idea how sick you are, my love.” I watched as he blinked sleepily and tried to speak, “Shhhh you have to be still for a little bit and drink this.” I held a straw to his lips and watched as he sipped the concoction. He drank the poison thirstily and I smiled sadly at him. “Nothing will ever be the same, will it? I wonder what you would say if you knew what we were really doing to you.”
He felt his heart give a wild thump and then the panic hit. He was paralyzed and fading fast. I kissed his lips as he slipped into the dark sleep.
“The will of the person determines whether they will make use of their gifts, or whether they will not see them grow to full power. You have to WANT to do this or it won’t happen. So tell me, lover mine, what do you want?” He looked at me blankly and I said sharply, “Are you a changeling or a mutt? Hmmmm?” My voice dipped and became seductive, “Will you be my equal or my plaything? Are you a man or a puppy?”
He moaned softly and as I watched his body began to glow softly. He slowly dwindled while looking into my eyes unaware of anything but the slow stroking of my hands over his body. His mind refused to register anything but the warm wet stroking of my mouth over his cock. He began to moan softly as he thrust his cock over and over into my mouth. Then, with a muffled squeak of fear, he stopped mid thrust. His eyes widened as he realized that his cock was totally engulfed from tip to root in the warm cavern of my mouth! He was sliding slowly off the now massive pillow he had been reclining on. I caught him with a hand on his chest and from my pinky to my thumb he was resting perfectly in the palm of my hand.
I extended a sliver of power and shrank him just a bit farther before picking him up. He mewled in terror but I kissed his tummy much like he had watched me kiss our son. I licked his ribcage and he couldn’t help but squirm. Soon I was sucking, kissing and licking my way over his body touching him everywhere with the tip of my tongue. My tongue was rough and soft at the same time, warm and velvety it traveled over his skin tickling and tasting every inch of him. “Do you know how long I have wanted to taste every part of your skin? To drink you down like fine wine? To feed you from my essence making you everything you longed to be?” He shuddered from the intense nakedness of hearing my voice echoing in his brain; not from his ears but from deep inside. The intimacy of it staggered him.
“I know you have always dreamed of this, my puppy. Let’s see if it lives up to the fantasy, shall we?”
I lifted his body gently into the air and sucked gently at his toes. He sighed and I could read that this was too gentle for him. So I rested his body on my outstretched tongue, and grasped him firmly by the hair. The pain made his eyes sting and well up with tears but I could feel the jubilation in his mind. I closed my lips around his form and he began to struggle. I sucked at his legs forcing them together and applying pressure slowly until I heard the panic in his mind. I soothed him gently but began to lave my tongue over his lower body. I rested my giant teeth against him with just enough pressure to cause pain but not to injure permanently. As I began to slowly sick his body deeper into my mouth I sent him a quick vision of someone walking in the door, startling me and causing me to swallow him accidentally. I could just follow the lightening quick image of himself sliding down my throat he conjured from a fantasy. He mewled in terror but his cock stroked the inside of my cheek!

I rolled him with my tongue pressing his cock into the warm resilient flesh of my inner cheek and he felt the saliva roll over him in a warm wave. I ran my finger over the outside of my cheek stroking his cock. He whimpered with pleasure and began thrusting his hips against my skin feeling as though he were fucking my pussy only with his entire lower body. “An amazing thought, my little one,” I approved as my mind infiltrated the fantasy he was weaving for himself, “For now let’s be in the moment and see where this leads.”
As his orgasm approached he began to moan but I sent a sliver of power at him and it prevented him from completing the connection to his orgasm! His balls were tight and tingling with the pressure to release, his cock was twitching and throbbing with the imminent orgasm but he was unable to proceed farther. His body shook and his mind screamed but I kept pleasuring him until he felt his entire nervous system was being flayed with knives. When I finally allowed the release he convulsed with the pleasure of the orgasm and everything went black.
He woke some time later naked and cuddled into a soft velvet pillow. He reached up and touched the thick leather collar around his neck. It was a perfect replica of a dog’s collar; “Not so, puppy mine, that IS a dog’s collar. You have the ability to change your form. The collar will remind you what size you are to remain until I want you to change. Until that time you will be a perfectly obedient lap dog. Not a man any longer but a spoiled and cherished little pet. No indignity to harsh for you to handle and no need to cover yourself anymore. You are without power and helpless before me.” The voice continued in his mind as he smiled and drifted back to sleep, for the first time ever, utterly content.

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