How to Join the EdenFantasys Affiliate Program

The EdenFantasys Affiliate Program has lots of different tools and features for affiliates to use, but first you’ve got to sign up. This tutorial shows you how to join the EdenFantasys Affiliate Program.

Already have an EdenFantasys account? Open this page in a new tab/window and then proceed to Step 2.

1. Go to this page and register for an EdenFantasys account. Click Create Account, which brings you to the Dashboard.

2. On the Dashboard, in the left column, click on Affiliate Program.

3. Below the Affiliate Program paragraphs and links, find and click on the Generate my partner code button:

Your account now has a Partner Code associated with it, so you are in our Affiliate database. Welcome to the program! You can use your Partner Code to make text links, and it is also used during the setup process of Eden Personal Stores.

Note: Steps 4 and 5 are optional. You only need to register for payments when you have earned commission and will be paid. Also, we only need W9 forms from affiliates based in the USA.

4. Complete your affiliate information by registering for payments. Scroll down to the bottom of the Account page and click Registration for payments.

5. Fill out the information requested on the Registration for Payments page, and click Save to save your information.

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