How to Post an EdenFantasys Off-Site Review

Do you have a review that’s on your own blog, but you want to help Eden customers find out your opinion? We have a nifty way to do that! It’s called an “off-site review”, and this tutorial will show you how to make one.

1. Go to the product page of the product that you reviewed. Make sure you’re logged in. (If you don’t have an account, see this tutorial). In the upper-right-hand corner, make sure it says “contributor” on the drop-down menu and not “affiliate”. (Hover over the word if it says “affiliate” to change it). Once you’re under “Contributor”, the “Grab It” button and the “Assignment Cart” button will appear. Press the “Grab It” button. It will say that it’s added. Then click on the “Assignment Cart” button right next to it.

2. See? Now the product you want to review is in your cart! Click on the button that says “Write Review” that is directly across from your product image.

3. Click on the circle next to “Review will be published on my website / blog”. Then click “Submit”.

4. If you’ve ever written a review before, this page should be familiar. This is where you write your review! Give your review a snazzy “Title”, and under “Review URL”, post the link to the review on your blog. Make sure you post the link to the specific post!

For example, don’t post but instead post . You want to give the link that links visitors directly to the review.

5. The “Experience” section is optional, but you can talk a bit more about why you disliked or liked your toy. If you have some nude/pornographic pictures in your review, this is also a good place to warn people of that.

The important sections are the “Pros”, “Cons”, and “Summary”. These are required. Include the good things about the product, the bad things, and a short summary of how you felt about the toy. Don’t forget to give it a rating (out of five stars!), and if applicable, include the Vroom and Bee for your review as well! You can also go through and tag keywords that describe the product and include product codes of similar products that we sell.

6. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click “Publish”. If you want to save it to work on later, click “Save to draft and preview”. Once you hit publish, it may be submitted for editing, but it will show up after it’s edited. If you want to include a promotional widget on your blog for your review, check out this tutorial.

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