How to Make a Gift Registry

A Gift Registry is a list of products that you’d like to receive as gifts. People can view and purchase gifts for you from this list. To use a Gift Registry, you create a wish list, activate the Gift Registry, then share the public link to your Gift Registry with people who might buy you gifts. This tutorial walks you through the Gift Registry process.

1. Create a wishlist. Go to the EdenFantasys homepage, click on Wish List at the top of the page, then click Manage lists.

2. Click on Add wish list, then type a name for it and click Add.

3. Create an account to save your wish list. Click Save, then either Login to your EdenFantasys account or Register by creating a new EdenFantasys account. When you log in or create an account, you’ll be brought back to the wish list page.

4. Now you can make your wish list public and create a Gift Registry. Click on your wish list’s name, then look to the left side of the page click Activate gift registry. A pop-up window will appear, and you can enter your name and address.

5. Next, click Select when you’ve entered your shipping information. You might need to enter other profile info if you haven’t already. Once your Gift Registry is activated, you’re done!

p.s. To add products to your Gift Registry, look below the “Add to cart” button and click Add to My Wish List on any product page, then click on the name of your list.

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