How to Use Affiliate Codes and Links

Your Affiliate Code

When you join the EdenFantasys Affiliate Program, you get a unique affiliate code. It’s a three-character code made of letters and/or numbers. All of your affiliate links need to include your affiliate code so you can earn commission for your referrals.

Note:┬áIn this tutorial, we will use XYZ as an example affiliate code. Please be sure to replace XYZ with your own affiliate code when you’re making your links!

How to Make Affiliate Links Manually

To make an affiliate link manually, you add #pcode-(your affiliate code) to the end of an EdenFantasys page URL. For example, if your affiliate code were XYZ, an affiliate link to the EdenFantasys homepage would look like:

Just remember to replace XYZ with your actual affiliate code.

How to Make Affiliate Links with the Get URL / My URL tool

EdenFantasys also offers an affiliate link tool. On the affiliate navigation bar, there’s a button called Get URL and another called My URL.

On almost any EdenFantasys page, you can grab the page’s URL and make an affiliate link by clicking Get URL, then saving it to the My URL page. The My URL page displays all saved links and lets you grab the html code or select a banner that will link to the specific page in the link. If you want to grab the html code to use as a text link, you can edit the text that will display in your link (for example, “sex toys” or “Hitachi Magic Wand”).

Your Code is Included in Affiliate Banners and Widgets

If you grab a banner’s code from the affiliate banner page, your affiliate code is automatically built-in to the link. Any affiliate widgets you create will also have your code built-in automatically.

Your Affiliate Code is Also a Coupon

If you’d like to draw people in with a discount, you can offer your affiliate code as a 15% off coupon. Your affiliate code (example: XYZ) can be entered on the checkout screen like any other coupon code.

Customers who enter your affiliate code at checkout will get 15% off any regular price items in their cart, and you earn 5% commission on their purchase. Note: On any purchase that you refer to EdenFantasys, you either earn 20% or 5% commission. The commission doesn’t stack if someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and uses your coupon code at checkout (in that case, you would earn 5% commission).

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